Pandemic Emergency Relief Fund

So many of our hardworking residents suddenly find themselves with incomes that are either significantly reduced or gone altogether, and we are facing a great and growing need to provide rental assistance –more assistance, and to more individuals and families. Most of the people we serve rent their homes. While current protections preclude eviction for nonpayment of rent, people with little or no resources will still be faced with several months of unpaid rents once these restrictions are lifted. This will be an impossible burden on those we serve.

How can you help? You can contribute to an emergency rental assistance fund that will ease the strain on our residents. We’re taking online donations for this purpose directly through our website at https://cfhva.org/how-to-give/. These are extraordinary times, and we are called upon to respond in extraordinary ways. Your donation will help us mitigate the impact on our community as we face these challenges together.

George Davies
CFH, Inc.
Executive Director

40 Years and going strong!

CFH is Proud to be Celebrating 40 years of service to the community!

“CFH is an amazing organization. CFH has a dedicated Board of Directors, a knowledgeable and committed staff and grantors and donors who believe in the programs and understand the value of everyone being able to sustain a home. CFH now provides a continuum of housing that can help individuals and families secure permanent housing that meets their needs.” Karen DeVito, Executive Director of CFH, Inc. In 1979, Fr. Gerard Creedon and a group of Catholic laity created CFH in response to the U. S. Catholic Bishops’ 1975 Pastoral Letter, “The Right to a Decent Home”. CFH is a non-profit organization providing housing opportunities to eligible applicants regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, familial status or religious affiliation. The CFH service area is the geographic footprint of the Arlington Catholic Diocese, although CFH is an autonomous organization.

Senior Rental Assistance

The Virginia Ely Senior Rental Assistance Program creates opportunities for the 62+ population to live independently. This program serves seniors who qualify to live in the Fairfax County senior facilities except their incomes are insufficient to allow them to sustain an apartment.

Security Deposit Assistance

Creating a safe place to call home requires a lot of different pieces coming together. Sometimes it’s as simple as having help with the security deposit. Applicants to the Edie Streett Security Deposit Program can reside anywhere within the 21 counties of the CFH service area. CFH will contribute up to $200 to eligible applicants to help an individual or family move into a permanent rental home.

Affordable Rental Homes

Having a safe place to call home is important. Affordable rental homes are important to limited income households. Being able to sustain a home allows people to utilize their strengths to address their weaknesses.

Homeownership Solutions

“CFH provides affordable housing opportunities to limited-income individual and families throughout Northern Virginia.
CFH provides a continuum of housing through life skills training, senior rental assistance in Fairfax County, down payment assistance in Prince William, Fairfax, Arlington and Loudoun Counties, security deposit assistance, rental homes in Vienna, Arlington, Fairfax and Fredericksburg and homeownership opportunities.”

Down Payment Assistance Program

CFH will continue to administer the VA Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA) in four Northern Virginia Counties – Prince William, Fairfax, Arlington and Loudoun. CFH has helped 14 applicants realize their dream to become a homeowner.

East End Mobile Home Park

The City no longer has a contract to purchase the property. Catholics for Housing now
owns the property and will manage it, allowing the residents to stay in their homes. The
City of Manassas will oversee the installation of new utility infrastructure by CFH which,
when completed, will be turned over to the City to own and operate.

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