Security Deposit Assistance


Security Deposit Assistance


Thank you so much for everything and to your organization for helping me and my family. We are so grateful and appreciative for the assistance.” – Recipient, CFH’s Edie Streett Security Deposit Assistance Program

Creating a safe place to call home requires a lot of different pieces coming together.  Sometimes it’s as simple as having help with the security deposit.  Applicants to the Edie Streett Security Deposit Program can reside anywhere within the 21 counties of the CFH service area.  CFH will contribute up to $300 to eligible applicants to help an individual or family move into a permanent rental home. CFH asks recipients to repay the funds they have received in small monthly increments.  Those funds provide assistance to help four or five additional applicants each year. Eligibility Requirements:

  • The monthly income cannot exceed 50% of the area median income – see below.
  • The monthly rent can be no more than half of the monthly income.

If you meet that criteria, you may apply for security deposit assistance by clicking the link bellow;

FY18 Edie Streett Application

Security Deposit Assistance Current AMI Chart

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight
$49,850 $56,950 $64,050 $71,150 $76,850 $82,550 $88,250 $93,950

If you are an agency submitting an application on behalf of a client, please use this application FY18 Edie Streett Application. The Edie Streett Security Deposit Assistance Program is made possible by the generous support of St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church, Good Shepherd Catholic Church and individual donors.  Recipients are requested to repay the funds they receive to help others.  The funds from the recipients who can repay allow about five additional families to move into permanent rental homes each year.

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“CFH is a 501 (c)(3) organization providing affordable housing opportunities to limited-income individual and families throughout Northern Virginia. CFH provides a continuum of housing through life skills training, senior rental assistance and down payment assistance, security deposit assistance, rental homes in Vienna, Arlington, Fairfax and Fredericksburg and homeownership opportunities.”



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